We enjoy going on adventures to restaurants around the OC/LA areas of California and it’s always great because the best type of adventures are ones that involve FOOD! We decided to share the pictures of what we ate here + tell you what we think! 🙂

PS: We occasionally forget to take pictures before digging into the appetizing-looking plates so you might notice a few empty spots 😉

Dave’s Famous BBQ

There are about six different sauces with varying tastes and degrees of spiciness. The bread pudding is very sweet so it would be a great choice for those out there with a sweet tooth. Although they are very generous with the portions, be sure to order extra slices of cornbread! They’re delicious.



Nice, casual place to grab a burger and fries. They update their menu pretty often.


Can’t go wrong with the pizza here. They are also best known for their pizookie. They allow you to do half and half so I tried out red velvet and peppermint, in honor of the holidays.

kaju tofu kt

Kaju Tofu 

It is currently a restaurant that’s very trendy in OC right now. It specializes in different levels of spiciness soft-tofu soup, great for cold days or when you are sick! I really enjoyed the warm, home-like feeling here.


Jazz Cat

Shabu shab is when thin slices of beef are placed in a communal pot of boiling water and swished back and forth until cooked. At Jazz Cat, they are also served with all sorts of vegetable and a variety of soup bases you can choose from. Personally one of my favorites.


Just something I randomly whipped up on a Sunday afternoon. They are dry noodles from the brand Murachan that comes in square plastic packages, heated up in a pot of boiling water. I added thin slices of winter melons, teriyaki ribs and a hint of spicy powder.


Alertos’ Super Fries

Bored of eating just regular fries? Well stop by an Alertos location near you and try their super fries! It consists of french fries, steak, avocado, tomatoes, cheese, cream, and onions–great combination.



The main waffle place in HB but don’t worry there are 5 other locations! After trying their waffle fries, regular fries would simply seem as a downgrade.


Matsu and Yogurt Passion

Matsu has very good tempura, shrimp theme sushi. Their “spider roll” is quite interesting. Yogurt Passion on the other hand has 20 flavors for you to choose from! How great is that?



I ordered the “Negi Ramen” and being a not-too-big fan of onions, I was surprised that I actually enjoyed it here.


Tokyo Table

I go to a lot of Japanese restaurants because I love their seafood menus. This place was personally one of my favorites as well.

l (3) l l (1)

All That BBQ

It is very similar to Gen and other well known KBBQ places. The food quality was great and the waiters were very friendly.


Brodard/Brodard Chateau

Mainly known for their spring rolls, one wonders what it is that makes them so desirable? The secret ingredient is the sauce of course!

1376570_746005165425252_102862910_n  1011901_746005302091905_1082394790_nl (4) 

Macchiato Cafe

Super cute place to get macchiato drinks and huge macaron ice cream sandwiches.

Bottega-Louie-1385646_735310833161352_22000977_n IMG_6925

Bottega Louie

Always bustling with customers and friendly staffs. The elegancy and cleaness gives you the feels of being in Europe.  You walk in and instantly see the counter filled with all sorts of heavenly pastries that just seem too pretty to be eaten!


Almond Haus 

I really enjoy their unique flavors here. One of the few places that has soft and chewy boba.

l (5)


Milk, situated on the street corner in mid-city, is packed with people of all ages who seem to enjoy the “cool-vibe”.  They have a solid selection of desserts ranging from macarons, to sundaes, to interesting ice cream flavors.


Coco Jelly Tea House 

l (6)

Diddy Riese Cookies

If I am to go to UCLA one day, this would definitely be my go-to desert place.


Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream

One of the few chocolate desserts I enjoy.

l (7)

Syrup Desserts

Cozy setting with a great selection of desserts! You know a place is great when the dessert menu is several pages long. Most likely another “go-to desert place” on my list for LA.


Double Layered Pumpkin Cheesecake 

(Recipe to be posted)


Buttermilk Cornbread 

After I had cornbread at Famous Dave’s BBQ and fell in love with it, I went home and made my own right away. Click here for the recipe.


Layers of multi-colored jello! 

(Recipe to be posted)


Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

Recipe I got from @maryish:

Blend 1 whole egg, 1/2 banana, 2 tbsp of liquid egg whites, 1/4 cup of canned pumpkin, and 1/2 tbsp of cinnamon powder in the blender. Blend enough, but not until it’s liquidy. Spray non-stick oil onto pan and fry on medium. Serve with Waldens 0 calorie pancake syrup or clover honey. TOPPING RECIPE: ➡1/4 cup of 0% nonfat Greek yogurt ➡1 tsp of clover honey ➡1 tsp of ground cinnamon ➡1 tsp of chia seeds ➡Mix it up and top it off! 😊👍


Class 302

Very interesting name for a shaved ice, huh?



Okay, we all have been to starbucks. We all have tried their fraps. We all have tried the green tea with raspberry flavor. But has anyone tried the green tea iced latte? Hm, maybe a few. I recently tried it and now it is my new favorite drink at Starbucks! No more fraps cause who needs whip cream? 😉



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