To Seek New Possibilities

I didn’t realize how lonely it is to live by yourself until a few days ago. I was stuck thinking about the comforts of living at home, surrounded by friends and family and familiar things. I wondered how it would be leaving your comfort zone. I don’t know how long it would take me to adapt to new things if I were away.

My cousin advised me to move away for college to lead my own life and discover myself. Sometimes I feel bad leaving my family because I won’t be around to help them. My parents are aging and my younger brother will be entering high school-moving onto one of the next biggest steps in his life. I want to be there by his side to give him advice and guidance but a part of me feels certain that he will grow up and find his own way, just like I did.

Perhaps it’s best that I put myself first in this decision. That what I’m doing is purely for myself. My main goal is to find my path, be happy, and to thrive given whatever circumstance.


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