Month: December 2014

Turning That Spark Into (Sp)ART

I recently heard a podcast from Seth Godin with Krista Tippett and the words he spoke jingled in my head. It brought me to think about the layouts of what I’m doing in my AP English Lit 3 Class such as this blog and my publishing house blog found here.

Godin presented we are living in a world that is recreating itself. We are here to weave a story, a tribe, and a network. It is essential for us to encircle ourselves into artists, creators, and innovators. We must create something that would matter to others as well as ourselves. The question here is, “What are we going to put out to the world?” It would be best if we could look for something that challenges us because it would force us to dig deep into our minds, to look for the spark that leads us to creating something extraordinary. We’re moving beyond the whole “you work for me, you do what I say” because now it’s just a matter of being given a microphone to present our ideas. Innovation cannot occur if ideas are not constantly being produced and actions are not taken.


“In order to measure the success of a piece of work, one needs to see how willing people are to share it. The more influential the work is, the more people would want to see it.”

I agree that if your work appeals to a variety of people, then you have created something that is universally deemed as “great” but often times, you have to just explore. You have to dig deep down to create something you would be proud of, not just satisfied. Success should be more on how you feel about the work you produced, rather than how others deem it.

“Everyone is unique and everyone of us has a different trait that stands out from one another. How can you use this trait to go out into the world and make a difference?” –The Bio Dome

I feel like my strength in my English class is to wonder, to imagine, and to eventually create. There is no greater joy than to let my imagination take over and articulate my thoughts and connections into words. My fingertips are the bristles of my paintbrush which often times gracefully letters out my piece of work and other times hammer out against the black bijou keys, splattering text and paint on my screen which I see as my canvas. I would then bend my texts into shapes and paint them boldly and brightly through tone, diction, syntax, and structure.

What I enjoy the most during the last two years in my English classes was doing something memorable, and not for the credit. It fascinates me to see my classmates, including myself, find something that we are passionate about and create a work of art out of it. Due to how far the internet has expanded, each of us having a blog serves well to our advantage because we are now able to take our work and release it from the boundaries of the classroom. It propels us and motivates us towards creating something extraordinary. We as a class believe it is important to put our work out there and not to be afraid of failure or judgments. In contrast, Godin believes social media a big waste of time. I disagree because I think social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Reddit are crucial to the development and sharing of ideas. It gives people around the world great opportunities to connect, learn, and be inspired by one another. Its wide usage also helps with allowing all work to be known. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to share our work. Everything is at the click of a button. Hundreds of dollars on advertising wouldn’t even be necessary.

When I am writing, the ideas come to me very easily, I know what I want to write about but I always have trouble figuring out how to start. If you look at my rough drafts, you would see that my writings are in bullet points or scattered all over the place. I prefer to put them all out there so I could connect the dots as I go along. It really helps me figure out what I want to write about; it takes time but it works for me. However, it isn’t a very ideal method when I have to write a timed essay. I would like to work on taking a stance and just cranking out ideas quickly in order to keep up with the time restraints. Ideas can’t be fully articulated through just one draft in 30 minutes; I understand essay graders do not expect a masterpiece, but I believe creating one requires dedication, and time is its best friend.


Godin interested me strongly with his heartfelt support of inspiring people of all ages to find a way to contribute to this world. Whether it be something big or small, ideas are ideas and they all have the potential to affect someone or something.

Godin’s speech exemplifies the characteristics my English class strives for. Here is my take on Mr. Ziebarth’s class’s ideals in a nutshell:

Be open minded to take in constructive criticisms and have a perseverance mindset to keep on improving and innovating. Find new, creative ways to revise and enhance your work. It’s a process of creating and modifying repeatedly until the finished product is something of its own genre. Document your process along the way. Reflect on it. If you are proud with what you have achieved, share it, and wait for the world’s response to it.

Everything written here comes from me.

I am my own writer, editor, and publisher.

I am the artist.