Month: January 2014



& if you can’t read my handwriting:

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, that’s when you’ll succeed. -Eric Thomas

Last night my friend sent me a motivational video because I was so stressed out from studying and finals. My friend, and this video, really helped me really see that I should put my everything into everything I do.

If this doesn’t inspire you to succeed, I’m not sure what will!

Oh and sometimes all you need to hear is that you can do it. You’ll eventually begin to believe it. Thanks for helping me believe in myself, friend! ☺️

And to all of you out there who are stressing over these last few finals: YOU CAN DO IT! I believe in you, and you should too! You’ve made it this far, don’t give up now! Stay strong until the end and it will pay off.




Why do we have to shed tears and sweat for something unworthy of our attention? Why do we scrape our knees for the merriment of another? Why do we have to endure excess weight on our shoulders when the person next to us is hands free? Why do we dive for something that is completely out of our hands but it is better if it is? Why do we keep looking back to something that we know can’t be changed? Why do we constantly think it’s our faults, our wrongdoings? Why do we feel the need of going out of our way for something we think we should receive, or rather something we think we will receive…

We are all good at thinking but we are even better at overthinking. We care, but we care too much. We try, but we try too hard. Now the important question, then, is how can we live with being emotionally attached, given how painful and demanding that is.

But maybe…


Yours truly,


“She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.” -Eleanor and Park

When you first look at a person, you pay attention to how they act, how they speak, and mostly how they look or dress. Often times, you will see a person who dresses very nicely and you automatically have a good impression of them. But there are other times where you see a person looking odd and slightly out of place. Their type of style isn’t that appealing to the majority but to you, it’s like art–and art is most of the time abstract. It makes you think, it makes you wonder. It sparks your imagination. You get those feelings that become so big in your chest and so beautiful it aches. It’s one of those feelings that truly speak to you.


“Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.”

I remember when I held a tennis racket for the first time ever. Feeling awkward and shy, little did I know that it would shape my life and who I am in the years to come.

At the age of 11, I went through many different coaches. I canceled lessons very often. There were summer mornings where I slept in instead of going to practice, and my little brother was nice enough to sub in for me.

However, it all changed the year prior to high school. I decided to reevaluate and to improve myself so…I gave tennis another shot. I kept reminding myself, “You have to be open minded. You have to give things a try.” Every time I missed a ball or hit it completely off, I would take a deep breath and try again. In a short amount of time, I met so many new people who, along with my family, were very supportive; I saw their beliefs in me. All of the positive vibes I felt, motivated me to work harder than ever before. Tennis…it all of a sudden became something I loved, something I didn’t want to stop doing.

I told my mom “thank you”. Thank you for not forcing the passion into me. Thank you for allowing me to develop a passion on my own.


Stumble Upon Kindness

It was a Thursday evening. My mom and I decided to stop by a place to get some food. Walking back to the car, I saw this girl on the sidewalk who looked  not very much older than me. She was carrying a baby that was probably her sister, asking for money. I didn’t know her story; I didn’t know where she lived or why she needed money but I gave her my bag of food and a few extra changes because she looked like she needed it more than I do. She said, “Thank you. God bless you” and it wasn’t the words that made me feel something. It was the sincere appreciation in her voice that lifted my spirit and enlarged the brightness of my day. They say “an act of kindness can go a long way” and at that moment, I felt like mine did.