Month: October 2013

Exploring the ‘Unknowns’

The ocean is such a deep, vast package of life. They say 95% of the ocean is undiscovered. There are many unknown animals and creatures we have yet to discover. This quote by Donald Rumsfeld perfectly explains this:

The ocean is just one example of unknowns. But there are things in life that we don’t even know that we don’t know.  The prospect is quite frightening; it is inevitable. That’s why we must go through our lives carefully with guidance from others wiser than us.  One must be cautious in making big decisions and should seek help from others.

It’s a Matter of Choice

imageThe first time I read this quote, it really hit me. I’ve spent the majority of my life being fine with making mistakes because “it’s the only way I can learn.” But when I stop and think, it seems like my mistakes repeat time after time. That’s because I’ve allowed myself room for error, but no room for improvement. It’s much easier to think, “I’ll make sure to pass my next math quiz,” than to think of the reasons why I didn’t pass this time and the steps I can take to ensure success the next time. This quote really opened my eyes. It helped me see how oblivious I’ve been to the fact that my mistakes are my choices, and that my choices are all up to me.