Month: March 2014

Kind Words

Whenever I get complimented on something small like my smile or the way my eyes light up when I’m happy, it makes my day. Lately, I’ve been trying out something new: I make it my goal each day to compliment at least three different people in an effort to make their day better. Honestly, you never know what a person is really going through and how much a small compliment may help them. The little things are sometimes more important than the big things. I value kind words over material gifts. Kind words are gifts to my soul; they make me feel better. That is why I starting challenging myself to use kind words more often.



I saw this quote while I was browsing through Pinterest today, and it really struck me. I have a tendency to raise my voice with my younger brother, just like he has a tendency to annoy me. However, whenever I tell at him, he gets more and more annoying. This is because he gets frustrated when I yell, and he wants me to continue to be just as frustrated by him.
I figured out that if I want him to do something, such as study for a math test, I need to speak calmly to him. Not only do I need to speak calmly, but I need to reason with him. I need to use my words wisely to convince him to study.
Now this doesn’t come easy to me, but when I do this, it works wonders. I need to work on using my “rain” and not my “thunder”.

Beach Fun

20140331-222619.jpg Today I went to the beach with my friend, Sandy (yes, I did make jokes about her name all day while we were there). I took the image above (after 26 tries) of Sandy playing with the water, and I finally got one with the water mid-air!
Mr. Theriault, my English teacher, made me appreciate the beach a lot more. He made me realize how lucky I am to live so close to the beach and how ignorant I am for not making good use of that! He told me how his family likes to watch the sunset at Huntington Beach, so I went just for that. I spent the whole day there, but I was really just waiting for the sunset.

I couldn’t get a picture of the sunset directly without it coming out too dark, so I waited until the sun was almost completely set to snap this picture. Now I’m so much more thankful to live so close to the beach. The sunset was utterly breathtaking. I can’t wait to go back!