“The person who embedded a segment of themselves into your heart.” -Kayla

Two years, four months, deep hours, high sunrises, and low tides later, my steps have led me in all directions-to new experiences, new feelings, and new perspectives. Though the world was in constant motion and given how dynamic the aspects of our lives were, we somehow gracefully crossed paths. I never went back down the old first path in search for you, no, I was in fact on a new path and we both made it to where we were supposed to be. Whether the sweet melodies of the universe danced in our favor or the wind cheerfully changed the rhythm of our footsteps and carried them to the swindling new path, it’s something of great magnificence. I don’t call it luck, fate, or destiny because I believe it’s the chain of occurrences that brought you and I to cross paths.

You know, they say lines permanently stop when two points meet while other lines come to one point but continue to run in opposite directions, and sometimes, they keep running, never succeeding in finding a point to stop at. Our lines though, are bound by our true selves, our true colors.

Maybe after large clouds and bumpy sentiments, I’m drawn to you because of what you are-a breath of fresh air.


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