How did Mosaic of Introspections come about?

It started off as an long-term assignment that my English teacher, Mr. Theriault gave to the class at the beginning of the school year. I remember the mutual excitement my good friend Miriam and I had. We decided to work together because we had the same ideas on how we wanted our blog to be like. Several of our classmates based their blog on one subject or one theme. Miriam and I decided we wanted our blog to be broad. We wanted to be able to write about anything, and everything.

Although it was an assignment, it didn’t feel like one to me. I’ve always wanted to write. To just let my words freely flow, one after another…I saw that this blog was the perfect opportunity for me to do so. However, schoolwork after schoolwork piled upon me. My mind was clouded by stress and worries. I didn’t have an exact idea in mind as to what I wanted to write. I didn’t know where to start either. I couldn’t come up with the right words. I started on new posts but ended up trashing them or saving them as drafts. I went through my published posts and deleted several because I simply didn’t like them. I felt as though it just didn’t fully reveal what I had in mind. Finally and fortunately, the weary, tense days are over. I can sit down and spend as much time as I want pouring out what I have longed to share for quite some time.

Now, I want to talk about why do we write, and why do I write.

“Do we write because we have something to say? Do we write because we have to? Maybe we write because we have the talent to do so, or maybe we write because we can.”

To me, the power of writing makes it incredibly beautiful. We are able to share the depths of our thoughts and our inner most feelings through just words. Even something that is simple can really speak for others and people can come to really know us through reading our work.

Within writings, words say it all.

“A story, a moment, a feeling, a thought, is forever remembered if it is written down.”

Written words are there to stay, and to always have effect.  Reading words and hearing them are totally different for that when we read stories, we live their worlds, we become the words we read, our imagination runs free, not limited by other senses of vision, touch, hearing, or even smell.

I write because my words help me make sense of all that is around me and within me. My words speak for me when my actions can’t. With my words, I can connectand I feel connected to others.

Writing has forced me to come up with the right words to describe my own thoughts and emotions, which has always been challenging to do. However, it has helped me become more efficient in expressing myself. Acquiring profundity by digging through the depths of my mind, I have come to know myself better. I now fully understand my own thoughts and the motives behind them.


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