Judging by judging

“Claiming that someone else’s choices are against your preferences is like being angry at someone for eating a doughnut because you’re on a diet.”

Okay honestly, I fell into utter agreement with this quote the moment I read it. I think it does a great job emphasizing on how we are so judgmental.

I’d like to start off with pointing out the fact that we judge someone or something everyday without noticing! It seems as if it’s impossible to go through a day without a single critical thought occurring.

What makes us judgmental comes from the fact that we are familiar and we become comfortable with our own ideas and beliefs. Once we hear or see something foreign to us, we deem it to be insignificant simply because of a gap of indifference.

We like to put all of people’s different characteristics together into one box and then we set our own standards and expectations to how we think they should be. If they don’t meet up to our preferences, we automatically discard it as frivolous.

When we judge others, we tend to attribute their actions to their personalities rather than to the variables in the specific situation. For example, if someone cuts in line, we will tend to see that person as selfish or insensitive. Although when we cut in line, we will have the situational need very clear in our heads. “I am in a hurry and I need to do it just this once!” -Gregg Henriques

Judging, however, is not human nature like most say it is. It’s just common. Despite the hardships of overcoming this common attitude, I think it’s important we should try to keep in mind several points when evaluating someone’s actions or personality. First, we should figure out where one’s actions, thoughts, or personality came from. Whether it be from their own perspective, beliefs, values, or experiences, they are all what contributed to the current situation. Second, we must understand. We mustn’t be so quick to judge the outer look of it. How can it be right of us to jump to conclusions without diving through the depths of one’s inner most thoughts to experience their experiences? Third, if we can be more open minded towards the people and the things in our lives, we will feel at peace because we’re letting go of clinging to the way we want people to be.




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