The dots that I have come to connect today are…

  1. There are things in life not worth making a big deal out of. Rethink the situation, figure out why it bothered you in the first place, and determine where its importance stands.
  2. Refrain from jumping to conclusions. Don’t assume; be sure to get clarifications if you are unsure. Doing this would enable you to avoid misunderstanding, and also to avoid the unspoken happiness that is unknown to the other person.
  3. Trust is fundamental to life. If you cannot trust, life becomes intolerable—a battle against constant doubt and looming disaster. A lack of trust can tear down even your strongest emotions, feelings or beliefs.
  4. There will be a point in life where even the people you are the most fond of, can irritate you deep into your skin and upset you in a way that is astonishing to you because you never thought it was possible of them to do so for that you deem them as your greatest source of happiness. The goal here though, is not to let that weaken the relationships and close bonds you have set with that person. You must keep in mind why you stood by that person in the first place, and what can you do to avoid a situation like that from happening again.
  5. If you are to change yourself, change yourself only for the better. Don’t change yourself so that you could consider yourself an adequate contestant for a person’s preferences and likings.
  6. “Just because I don’t laugh as much doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy your company.” 

Right. What made me even think that the scale of which a person likes you is based on how good you are at telling silly jokes? There is so much more to youas a person, that makes YOU what someone adores so greatly. When you are with someone, you DON’T always need endless conversations or constant laughters. The presence of one another speaks the loudest and the loveliest already.

Lots of love,



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