Why do we have to shed tears and sweat for something unworthy of our attention? Why do we scrape our knees for the merriment of another? Why do we have to endure excess weight on our shoulders when the person next to us is hands free? Why do we dive for something that is completely out of our hands but it is better if it is? Why do we keep looking back to something that we know can’t be changed? Why do we constantly think it’s our faults, our wrongdoings? Why do we feel the need of going out of our way for something we think we should receive, or rather something we think we will receive…

We are all good at thinking but we are even better at overthinking. We care, but we care too much. We try, but we try too hard. Now the important question, then, is how can we live with being emotionally attached, given how painful and demanding that is.

But maybe…


Yours truly,



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